Herman Cain Hasn’t Refuted Sharon Bialek on Contacts

In an earlier blog I made a case that Herman Cain’s responses to sexual harassment charges have revealed that he can’t be trusted to tell the truth and he makes reckless charges without a shred of proof. The path he has chosen to take in response to the first woman who has come out publicly against him, draws out elements of the character traits identified in the opening sentence.

Sharon Bialek has said that she had three meetings with Herman Cain: the first when she and her boyfriend went to an event in which he was the featured speaker; the second when she went to see him for help in finding a job; and the third at a Tea Party event in the Chicago area. I believe there were two main paths the Cain camp could have taken to refute the Bialek charges: 1) they could have submitted convincing evidence that either he or she could not have met at least one of the times; or 2) they could have tried to blacken Bialek’s character. The Cain camp chose 2).

Sharon Bialek’s pediatrician boyfriend swore out an affidavit, under penalty of perjury, testifying to the truth of Bialek’s story. He would have been lying if he did not go with Bialek to the event at which Cain spoke.

The boyfriend also figures in Sharon Bialek’s second alleged meeting with Herman Cain. As Bialek describes it, both she and her boyfriend were very impressed with Cain’s warmth and caring manner when they first met him. Given that Cain was in a position of power, the boyfriend suggested to Bialek that she try to arrange a meeting with him to see if he could help her get another job. The boyfriend has corroborated his role in this second claimed meeting.

I don’t know how long hotels tend to keep records, but Bialek has given the name of the hotel at which she stayed. It might be possible to confirm Bialek’s stay at that hotel and also determine if Herman Cain updated her room, as Bialek alleges.

The third alleged meeting took place at a TeaCon event held in the Renaissance Center in Schaumburg, Illinois, September 30 – October 1, 2011. Amy Jacobson, a host on WIND radio in Chicago, went to the TeaCon event — WIND radio was a sponsor of the event. Jacobson said that as a representative of a sponsor she could roam pretty freely, including going backstage. She was in the vicinity of Cain when a woman came up to him and they conversed. Jacobson thought Cain looked uncomfortable.

Amy Jacobson turned on her TV to see who was going public with sexual harassment charges against Herman Cain. She said she almost fell out of her chair when she saw the woman, Sharon Bialek, was the spitting image of the woman she had seen at the TeaCon event.

Besides Amy Jacobson, there was another source, who, unlike Jacobson, personally knows Sharon Bialek. This source, one of the organizers of the event, has said that Bialek was at the TeaCon event, corroborating Bialek’s account that she was, at least, at the event.

So far, at least, the Herman Cain campaign has not been able to refute any part of Sharon Bialek’s story.


Bomb! Bomb! Bomb! Iran!

Senator John McCain’s provocative little ditty comes to mind in the wake of several of the Republican presidential candidates’ willingness to take military action, if necessary to prevent Iran from making a nuclear bomb. These assertions came at this past Saturday night’s debate among the candidates. Bill Press, on this morning’s “Bill Press Show”, took the candidates to task for their reckless willingness to take the United States into yet another war. Press, a strong supporter of President Obama, didn’t seem to understand that Obama holds the same position on military action against Iran.

Within the past 24 hours, President Obama has reiterated his position that all options are on the table regarding Iran. These options include the use of nuclear weapons to strike Iran’s deeply buried nuclear facilities. A computer simulation shows that the loss of life could be very heavy from the fallout of the radioactive clouds stirred up by such nuclear strikes.


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