An Addendum to the Trayvon Martin Case

In a previous blog I expressed my mystification over why we had heard so little about George Zimmerman’s physical condition when he was taken into the police station house after being taken into custody following the killing of Trayvon Martin. Was the Sanford Police Department withholding information? Was the media being derelict in pressing for the information? I also asked if George Zimmerman now has a broken nose as alleged in his fight story and is there visible facial bruising from his head being repeatedly pounded into the pavement. Now it seems I have an answer that indicates that George Zimmerman’s account of a vicious attack by Trayvon Martin doesn’t hold water.

Yesterday, the 5 a.m. (Mountain time) CNN newscast said that police videos taken when George Zimmerman was brought into the station house don’t show any visible injuries, nor do they show any discoloration of his clothing, which would have occurred if blood had flowed from head wounds. The New York Police Department assigned a member of its force — for credibility reasons he almost certainly had a medical background — to examine the pictures taken of Zimmerman. The examiner was unable to find any abrasions or contusions on Zimmerman’s face, nor any indication that his nose was broken, as alleged.

The 6 a.m. CNN newscast stated that ABC News had released photos of George Zimmerman arriving at the police station. The photos, although a little grainy, do not show any visible signs of any head injuries, nor clothing discoloration. The question of whether Zimmerman received medical attention before arriving at the police station is murky. Even his lawyer, when interviewed on camera, would not answer yes or no when asked about immediate medical care.

The Zimmerman account of the assault by Trayvon Martin is hard to believe. The story is that Trayvon Martin attacked and toppled him, then had such complete control of him that he was able to repeatedly pound his head into the pavement — one news account says “cement,” not “pavement.” — meaning, I assume, that it could be the street surface or the sidewalk. If Zimmerman’s account is true, then he must have been able to get out of his predicament and get the upper hand on Martin. Why then would he find it necessary to shoot Martin? George Zimmerman had the gun in hand and Trayvon Martin was unarmed. With that enormous advantage, what threat did Trayvon Martin pose to him?

The newest development in the Trayvon Martin case, more recent than yesterday’s CNN newscasts, is an audio of a witness who claimed to have dimly seen a scuffle between two figures and two popping sounds. These were apparently two gun shots, although the witness said the second sound may have been an echo. After the shot or shots, the man started walking toward the witness’es position. From what the witness could see, the man was walking normally and didn’t have any visible signs of having been in a life-or-death fight.

The witness whose audio account was played yesterday on at least CBS and ABC newscasts, doesn’t entirely square with that of the two women who were apparently the closest witnesses to what may have taken place. After hearing a shot, they rushed outside and saw a man with his hand on a prone figure on the ground. One of the witnesses said that the man then began pacing back and forth. After being queried two or three times about what to do, the man told them to call the police. Although the two women were not able to see any visible injuries, one of the women acknowledged that their vision was impaired by the approaching darkness and the poor lighting.

The difference in the two accounts is that the two women, whose attention was drawn to the kitchen of one of them, by sounds coming from outside, did not report seeing a scuffle taking place and their account of George Zimmerman pacing back and forth doesn’t entirely comport with the newest witness’es account of a man advancing toward him, nor did this new witness mention seeing two women near the body on the ground. The audio of the newest witness doesn’t make any mention of the relative positions of the two figures when the first popping sound was heard.

Yesterday was also notable in the Trayvon Martin case, as it found both the father and the brother of George Zimmerman “speaking out,” as the media would phrase it. Both argued that George ZImmerman acted in self-defense; however, the father added a stunning new detail: he alleged that Trayvon Martin told his son that he, Trayvon, would kill him right then or at least by that night. The father’s only source for that alleged threat would have been his son.

The other item in the bonanza of information appearing yesterday was the statement on camera by the funeral director preparing Trayvon Martin’s body for burial. He did not see any injuries on Trayvon and the most crucial indicator of an unarmed man’s involvement in a physical fight: his knuckles, were, in the funeral director’s one-word description: “pristine.”





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