The Blind Spot in Stephanie Miller’s Sexy Liberal Show

This past Saturday my wife and I attended the Stephanie Miller Sexy Liberal Show held in the Popejoy Theater at the University of New Mexico. Part of the show’s purpose is to bolster the re-election campaign of President Barack Obama. Two of the show’s main arguments are that he has been able to accomplish some very good things despite enormous political opposition, and we need to elect more progressive Democrats to help him do more of what he really wants to do.

At the core of the Sexy Liberal Show’s problem of promoting  Obama is that he is not a liberal or progressive: he might be more properly described as a pragmatic technocrat. It is hard to elect progressives lower down on the ticket if the leader of the party is not articulating even a sliver of a progressive program, beyond a surcharge on the wealthy that will generate only $47 billion in ten years. At the personal level, I have received six fundraising letters signed either by Michelle or Barack Obama, and none of them identifies a single policy or program that Obama intends to carry out in a second term.

It is right and proper to heap ridicule on the Republican presidential contenders, but it is so sad and tragic that the Democratic alternative to them is so seriously flawed.


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