Paul Ryan’s Hard-Line, Anti-Choice Legislative Record

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) is very proud of his anti-choice legislative record. While exclaiming to a reporter his pride in his record, he refused to answer directly the reporter’s question about what was likely one of the two most egregious manifestations of his abortion-hating legislative record.

The reporter wanted to know if Ryan stood by his attempt to add “forcible” rape to a bill — H.R. 3 — which was designed to define coverage for payment of abortion services. Ryan initially mildly plagerized President Obama by saying, “Rape is rape, end of story.” When pressed by the reporter, Ryan elaborated that Mitt Romney is the head of the ticket and he will enunciate abortion policy for the Romney-Ryan ticket. Mitt Romney has already changed the Ryan hard-line anti-choice position by coming out in favor of an exception for rape and incest.

The attempt to divide rape into two categories, one being forcible and the other, presumably, being not forcible. H.R. 3 was not the most egregious Ryan attempt to legislatively limit abortions. he  was a co-sponsor of The Sanctity of Human Life Act, which declared that life begins with the fertilization of the egg. The bill, never enacted, would have made in-vitro fertilization illegal, probably made the use of contraception a crime, raised a real possibility that pregnant women who take drugs or drink alcohol to excess could be charged with murder, and raised the same risk for doctors who perform abortions.

In his 14 years in Congress, Rep. Ryan has sponsored 38 anti-choice bills, many of them in alliance with Todd Akin, the current candidate for the U.S. Senate in Missouri, who believes that women have an innate, secret mechanism in their bodies that can distringuish between friendly and unfriendly sperm. Moreover, Ryan has a higher lifetime rating with the National Right to Life Committee than does Todd Akin.




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