The Tribunal on Israeli Mistreatment of Palestinians

Gaza-Israeli conflict is much in the news today because of the damage to persons and property that has already occurred and the carnage that will occur if Israel launches a major ground offensive into Gaza. What has received much too little attention is the mistreatment of the Palestinians, mainly through the Israeli occupation. The Russel Tribunal on Palestine was held in Cooper Union in New York City on October 6 and 7, 2012. The Tribunal identified eight specific ways that Israel has mistreated Palestinians:

1) Israel practices a policy of a severe form of apartheid in the occupied territories.

2) Land is confiscated from Palestinians and houses demolished to make way for settlements and housing where only Jews live.

3) Israel has built a wall, not on the boundary, but deep inside it, and has taken the land for exclusive Jewish settlements.

4) Water is severely limited for Palestinians and Israeli settlers receive about five times the amount of water as do non-Jewish neighbors.

5) Palestinians are not given permits to build on their land and when they do build, their structures are torn down by the Israeli Army.

6) In Israel proper, there is one set of laws for Jews and another for Palestinian citizens.

7) The Geneva Conventions say the Occupying Power must protect the occupied population from land theft, property destruction and respect human rights.

8) Israel lhas ethnically cleansed much of the occupied territories.

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